29 Explanations – No. 12 Bill Kazmaier

There’s always someone stronger

Bill Kazmaier is without a doubt one of the strongest human beings to have ever lived. Back in the 80’s with limited support gear*, Bill posted a 420kg (925.9 lbs) SQUAT, an enormous 300 kg (661.4 lbs) BENCH PRESS and 402 kg (886.7 lbs) DEADLIFT.

In STRONGMAN he won World’s Strongest Man 3 times (1980,81 and 82) and had immense shoulder strength, pressing a 170kg (375lbs) LOG and gym lifts of 202kg (445lbs) SEATED PRESS and STRICT MILITARY PRESS of 225kg (495lbs).

Indeed,Bill Kazmaier was STRONG!

Even today those lifts are ridiculous but they have all been surpassed. At one time Bill himself would confidently have called himself the Strongest Man Who Ever Lived. Or so you’d think.

In the 70’s Don Reinholdt Deadlift 400k (881lbs), a mere 2kg less than Kaz. Also in the 70’s Jim Williams Bench Press a ridiculous 306.2kg (675lbs), a tad more than Bill Kazmaier. And then earlier still in the 50’s and 60’s Paul Anderson Squatted 540kg (1200lbs).

Today many men can Deadlift over 400kg. Not so many can Bench more than Bill or Squat more than Bill but they are out there and those lifts have been long surpassed.

Now we are talking about Bill Kazmaier here, not you and your buddies down your local gym.

Whoever, the strongest guy in your gym is, probably less than a 20 miles away is a gym with someone MUCH stronger than them training. Go another 20 miles and there’ll be someone else stronger than that guy. And so on.

It’s nice to show your lifts, I’ve done it myself, especially when it’s something I’ve worked hard for or think will help people in an educational way. But have a little decorum and understand that there will always be someone stronger. Attempting to show off doesn’t sit well with those who really lift and know the game.

So next time you post your little YouTubes or LookAtMe video remember, someone did it before you, they didn’t shout and scream about it and someone not far away can do it for easy reps as a warm up.


*(wraps, super suits etc have advanced HUGELY in recent times to allow massive weights to be used by moderately strong lifters)


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  1. Gilbert Michaud

    the kaz lifted with minimum equipment . no bench shirt . etc . was the first super with a great physique . amazing traps and deltoids and a taper . today some are stonger like savickacs . but looks fat .

  2. My name is Bud Olesen. I started Powerlifting in 1991 at age 38. Up until that time I had never really touched a weight. My training partner was Overland Park, Kansas, Police Officer Ken Ufford. I lifted with Ken until I blew the L5 – S1 Disc out of my low back in 1999.
    Although the U.S.A.P.L. retired all of their old records, I am still the Official Kansas State Record Holder in the (USAPL) Masters 275 lbs. Weight Class. My best Bench was 460 lbs., Squat: 660 lbs, Deadlift: 670 lbs. In 1996 at St Louis, Missouri, I competed in the (USAPL, Masters Age 40 plus) United States National Championship. My body weight was 268, LBS. I took 2nd. Place with a 1715 Lb. total.
    I only bring this up because during my Powerlifting career we never used any type of strength enhancing drugs what so ever. The numbers I achieved were the result of Three things: Good Genetics, Extremely Hard Training, and Total Dedication. After I blew my back out in 1999, I was never able to return to the sport I loved so much. Today at 63 years old had I not blown my back out, I know that I’d still be lifting.

    1. Impressive stuff Bud. I have two blown discs but still lift. I came away from heavy lifting and now use mostly bodybuilding to stay in shape. Get back lifting!

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