No excuses!

I'll get back to the 29 explanations soon, as I have a little time on my hands.

However, having recently been spoiled by the diversity of equipment at the gym I use, one day I'd like to strip it all away to literally just an Olympic Bar and 4-500lbs of weights and see what happens. There's a ton of exercises you could perform for the entire body such as:

Squat – Steinborn
Power Clean
One Arm Deads (with and without hook)
Double Overhand Deads
Bench/Floor Press
One Arm Press
Power Snatch
One Arm Snatch
Shovel Deadlift
Low Lat Rows
Angled Press
Pinch on end of Barbell
Finger Deadlifts
Pinch Deadlift
Heavy Planks

There's MANY more. The point is equipment or lack of it, is never an excuse.

Whilst I was thinking about this and where it might take me in the future I came across this video. These boys just get it done!



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