One more week

I’m not one for selfies or self promotion really. If I post or say something I’ve really done it and really put the ground work in, whether it’s a training program, article, book, movie or whatever.
I will do a full write up over the next few months as I have documented everything from my recent training and diet for a superhero movie I am prepping for.
A few key points if you want to make some changes.
  •  Tuna and Water is a sure fire way to lose bodyfat fast. Add in some miso soup, coffee and a TINY bit of fruit when ultra low on energy.
  • High Intensity Interval Training is the hardest but the best way to maintain low bodyfat and keep muscle. I’ve only done around 2-3 hours of steady state cardio a week and it was literally to finish of the session. I was already shot to bits from weights and HIIT!
  • You have to be brutally strict the first 4 weeks of the diet otherwise you’re not going to make any dramatic changes. I had ONE CHEAT meal at the end of the first month. But after that month I was lean and just getting leaner by maintaining by training and diet.
  • Stick to the same weight training plan for the ENTIRE diet period and simply try to maintain your weights. I actually went up on my lower body but that’s because my lower body was de-trained from my foot surgery.
  • Bodybuilding or Body Composition training is MUCH harder than strength training.

Anyway…this is the shape I’ve managed to get into after 9 weeks of VICIOUS dieting and training!

One more week to go then we shoot!!!


Nick McKinless at 45 years old in April 2016


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  1. Hi Nick – Tom here – this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! You’ve really put the work and dedication in as as far as I can see your physique and conditioning are pretty astounding, considering I know you’re totally drug free and strong as hell. I’m so impressed and hope very much to see you again soon…

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