Custom Coaching Programs

Custom Coaching Programs

At BEYOND STRONG we offer the full spectrum of coaching and consultation based around the BEYOND STRONG PROGRAM developed by Nick McKinless over the past 3 years.

Hollywood movies don’t stop for anyone. Working long hours performing in front of camera or directing action meant Nick had no choice but to find a way to train FAST and EFFECTIVELY.

With over 30 years of training experience Nick decided to look to the past and bring it into the future!



Currently 16 people including Nick himself is running the program with endless improvements in sight. It is tailored to meet specific goals and target the training you need to build the most impressive body you can without spending 3 hours a day training both cardio and strength training. Instead you will be training 3 (at most 4) hours per WEEK!!!

This program is about efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Debunk ALL training myths
  • Gain quality muscle
  • Lose body fat
  • Improved overall strength
  • Improved metabolic conditioning
  • Improved mobility
  • Improved energy levels
  • Train less than 3 hours per week to reach your goals.

This is NOT a program to prep you for a Bodybuilding Contest or a Powerlifting Meet however we think it would be HUGELY advantageous for both these athletes and others to use this system off season because it will build muscle, maintain top end strength AND keep body fat in check.


This is the HOLY GRAIL of weight training!!!

12 weeks is the MINIMUM time to run the BEYOND STRONG PROGRAM.

COST: UK£1000/US$1500



Ever wanted to Lift the famous DINNIE STONES? Get better at STONE LIFTING? Learn about Grip Training and get a HANDS of STEEL? Nick and his team have done every great feat of strength including the following:

  • Closed Ironmind No.3 Gripper
  • Lifted the Thomas Inch Dumbbell
  • Lifted the Dinnie Stones in Scotland
  • Conquered Blue Stones of Old Dailly in Scotland
  • Lifted the famous Welsh Criccieth Stone
  • 221kg World Record One Arm Deadlift
  • Squatted 185kg for 20 reps

Nick’s personal lifting achievements include the following:

  • 1996 IAWA British Weightlifting Champion @ 90kg
  • 2005 Champion of Champions 2nd Overall
  • 2006 Britain’s Strongest Man @ 105kg
  • 2010 World’s Strongest Hands 3rd Overall
  • 2011 British Grip Champion
  • 2012 English ‘Open’ Stone Lifting Champion
  • Multiple other titles in other sports.
  • Multiple World Record Holder

This is your completely custom FEATS OF STRENGTH program to get you to you to the goals you always dreamed of!

COST: Custom Programs come at a price and depend on the end goal and time scale. Please contact us to discuss your specific targets.



Once you have built a solid base and can at least Bench Press 300lbs, Squat 400lbs and Deadlift 500lbs you are ready for a TARGET TRAINING PROGRAM. This is where you can begin to specialise.

  • If you have a lagging lift.
  • If you having a lagging muscle group.
  • If you are training for a specific strength or athletic competition.
  • If you need to get in shape fast (Nick trains actors for this exact reason)
  • If you need to imporrove your jumping or sprinting for sports
  • If you are training for a fight sports such as boxing or MMA

COST: Please contact us to discuss your specific targets.



“I have really enjoyed our training together and felt in great shape. Thank you for being such a great support and so encouraging”

RALPH FIENNES – Oscar Nominated Actor and Director.

“Nick is a true throwback of the Iron Game of yesteryear, when men could perform even better than they looked”

DAVID P. WEBSTER OBE – Strength Historian, Strength Author, Athlete and World’s Strongest Man Official Referee, Olympic Coach

“Having been training for over 20 year and thought I knew everything there was to know about throwing Iron around a gym I very quickly learnt I was wrong when Istarted Nick’s BEYOND STRONG PROGRAM.

I have been doing Nick’s program for 18 months now. When I first started it I had just become a Vegetarian and didn’t expect the best results to be honest. After 8 weeks of religiously following the program I had increased my Max lifts by over 15% and put on over 10lbs of muscle and dropped body fat. All this was achieved by working out smarter I have come to realise. My workouts went from 1hr 30 minutes down to 35-40 minutes and I’m getting results I have never seen before.

Thanks for the re-education!”

ADAM KIRLEY – James Bond Stunt Double and Stunt Coordinator

“As owner of a gym and personal trainer myself I have tried almost every routine written, with various results over the last 15 years of training. Results have always been very steady at best.

Then I met Nick and he put me on his BEYOND STRONG PROGRAM.

I loved the look of the plan and it’s hard to ignore that Nick himself lives and breathes training and has the body to show for it! After only a few weeks on the plan I noticed a big increase in my stamina levels due to the cardio affect of the 8×8 section! I had to drop my weights at the start to keep in the time slot!

However they soon rocketed back up. Also my strength increased using BEYOND STRONG’s Simple Strength Training. My bench went from 145kg to 160kg, squat 150kg to 190kg, deadlift 190kg to 215kg and behind neck press 80kg to 105kg! I also gained over 15lbs in muscle, lost fat, increased flexibility and increased stamina with zero boring cardio workouts!!!
This is without doubt the BEST plan I have ever used! Do not question it! Do not question Nick! Have FAITH and STICK TO THE PLAN! you will not regret it!”

MARC HOCKING – Owner Priory Gym and Personal Trainer

“If you are looking for practical, no nonsense training advice for powerlifting, strongman and grip training look no further than Nick McKinless.  As a strength and conditioning coach I deal with world class coaches and athletes on a regular basis and Nick is both!

Nick takes complex and demanding movements and coaches them in an easy to absorb fashion, I have seen complete beginners achieve things they would never have thought possible after a single session with Nick.Added to this Nick walks the walk and continually amazes with his feats of strength, power and grip”

DON STEVENSON – Strength and condtioning coach, Olympic weightlifting coach, Kettlebell instructor.

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