Stunts, strength, movies and cheat meals

Beyond Strong is now over 7 years old.

I started the blog as an outlet for myself more than anything. Everything I have put out is free. Even when we had 3 guest bloggers (Theo Burggraaff, Steve Shafley and Rick Walker) no one paid to be a part of the site.  All three put out some great content and kept things busy when I was working long hours and had little time to write anything.

The blog is now moving on and will partly promote my future projects. It will still be FREE, all I ask is that people SHARE and SUPPORT my projects which include the following:

  • Seminars/Workshops – strength and conditioning based with some really fantastic authors and athletes. 
  • Documentaries – these are both strength based, one is based a round a road trip and the other a more well known subject.
  • Movies – story driven action movies a la my short film FAITH.
  • Writing – including the BS Blog, books and articles (I have an article coming out on T-Nation very soon)


As always I'll also be juggling my day job as a stuntman and stunt coordinator. I just finished working on the latest Sacha Baron Cohen movie Grimsby, and I have a small part on the latest Tarzan film in the coming weeks.

After 18 years in the film industry I can honestly say I love my work. Like any job it has it's ups and downs and the film industry is full of internal politics but I am starting to make my projects a part of my work and that is what I truly love.

Beyond Strong will continue to be the outlet for my writing for the time being. I will be amalgamating all the other sites (faith-movie, and Iron Dog Films) into one main site for easy access.

The best way to follow everything will be via my facebook page HERE.

As for the cheat meals…I don't do them! I eat mostly what I want. If I need to lose weight I up my cardio (which basically means I do 10-15 minutes of conditioning work at the end of my normal workouts) and I eat a little less (usually skipping the odd meal and cutting out carbs after 4pm is enough). I see no reason right now to be super lean. Not that I won't at some point make it a goal I just think trying to stay sub 10% bodyfat makes people boring and miserable!

So WELCOME to the new and improved and streamlined blog…the futue is bright…have FAITH!!!

Nick McKinless


Here's the trailer for my film FAITH…if you like the look of it, the link to the full movie is on the same site.

FAITH Trailer-HD from Iron Dog Films on Vimeo.



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